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Main specifications:
Working width:1500-7200mm
Needle density:4500 pcs/m
Needle plate is epoxy resin board with stiletto by computer. Web holder plate is 10mm thick steel plate. Web stripping board is 8mm thick steel plate, the diameter of hole is 4.5mm, width of needle plate is 280mm.
Designed number of cycles per min:500 times/min
Working travel:50mm
Principal axis:Ø70mm, Material uses 45 steel with thermal refining
Wallboard is welted by 16mm, 20mm and 25mm thick steel plates. The upper beam is welted by 12mm, 25mm steel plate. Needle holder beam is made of 25mm thick steel plate.
Feeding and outlet roller equipped with 1.1kW motor and turbo reducer separately frequency control;main motor is 7.5kW speed control motor.
Use Chinamade bearings with famous brand. Input and output feeding rollers, strippers and web holder are polished and galvanized, in order to make sure they will not hitch the fiber in production.
Installed Power:9.7 kW