Wuxi Tianyuan Computerized-quilter Co. LTD. Manufacture different kinds of machinery equipments. It has newly technology. All of products are tested and checked rigidly. Guarantee the products qualified when they leave factory.


Compling with quality legislation, practical quality ability, valuing the contracts, valuing the credit. Guarantee "Three Guarantee":guaranteeprovide high quality products, guarantee adequate accessories, guarantee good technology service. All the products of "Three guarantees":repair, replace, return. All of consumers of our company, contain consumers who have bought our products, not only "Three guarantee period(12months)". Our company all can provide consultative service and debugging, maintenance, refit, performance sign.


After-sales hotline:0510-85632788


We will try our best to provide service to consumers and provide service timely, 24 hours in the city, 72 hours from other province. Our company will provide high quality service, responsible for repairing the machine to normal state, service is not in place. Without the commitment from consumers, accendants will not leave scene of action.